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《Time》是美国电音制作人MKJ制作的一首歌曲,发行于2015年04月25日。《Time》歌中的独白来自摩根·弗里曼在纪录片《Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman》(《与摩根·弗里曼一起穿越虫洞》)中的一段台词。2018年11月8号《Time》被改曲作者MKJ改为《Time (Official)》原曲不变,重新编词演唱。除此之外, 还有纯音乐版本《Time(Instrumental)》


Money is not evil by itself
It’s just paper with perceived value to obtain other things we value in other ways
If not money what is evil you may ask
Evil is the unquenchable obsessive and moral bending desire for more
Evil is the bottomless soulless and obsessive
Compulsive pursuit of some pot of gold
At the end of some rainbow which doesn’t exist
Evil is having a price tag for your heart
And soul in exchange for financial success at any cost
Evil is trying to buy happiness again and again
Until all of those fake short lived mirages of emotions are gone
Make more time
I’m not saying you can’t be financially successful
I’m saying have a greater purpose in life well beyond the pursuit of financial success
Your soul is screaming for you to answer your true calling
You can change today if you redefine what success is to you
You can transform your damaged relationships and build new ones
You can forgive yourself and others who’ve hurt you
You can become a leader by mentoring with others who you aspire to be like
You can re-balance your priorities in life
You can heal your marriage and recreate a stronger love than you ever thought possible
You can become the best parent possible at any age even 86
But don’t wait until then
You will always be able to make more money
But you cannot make more time








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